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Tattoo Training Fee, Cost of learning permanent tattoo involve fee of joining tattoo course as a major portion. Will discuss all parameters of tattoo training fee on this page

Learning permanent tattoo making is more of practicle programme, where training center has to made expenses in providing complete setup of tattoo machines, artificial skins, inks, needles and all other stuff.

Tattoo training courses we provide are designed for students to become professional tattoo artist. Our aim is to provide tattoo training in best affordable price with high standard teaching standards:

1. Basic to advance Tattoo Training Course :

Basic to advance professional tattoo training course is designed for duration of 2 Month, and total cost is 70000 Indian Rupees or 1150 US Dollar, year 2017. This tattoo training fee includes :

Complete Tattoo kit of 1 machine, Artifical skins, practice needles, practice inks, ointments, gloves

Real inks and real needles once student start making tattoo on real skin

Tattoo Training Cirtificate charges

Note :

  • Tattoo course fee do not include hostel charges. Sharing hostels are available nearby tattoo center starting from 5500 Indian Rupees or 90 USD per month.
  • For conveniece of students, we accept tattoo fee in installments.
  • We do not take advance payment. Fee will be accepetd on joining the course only.
  • You can submit the fee cash, cheque, bank transfer, by Credit/Debit card or other electroic media like PayTM, MobiKwik etc are also accepted fot tattoo training fee.

2. Advance Tattoo Training Course :

Advance professional tattoo training course is designed for one want to take tattooing as profession.

This Training charges includes all facilities as mentioned under basic tattoo training programme with additions of :

  • Complete Tattoo Kit of two machines.
  • More artificial skins, needles, inks and more number of tattoos on real skin.

Training fee payment mode and terms stay same as mentioned above.

We assure value of your money :

Depending upon how much time a student manage to spend at training center and other circumstances, we attempt our students to start earning during tattoo training itself.

We asign small projects to students during training like tattoo design customization, stencil making, stencil tranffering, helping customers to choose tattoo design. And attempt to pass the portion of price benifits to students during training itself.

We assure 100% job placement after successful completion of Advance Tattoo Training course.

Tattoo Training Cost Highlights

Tattoo Training fee, tattoo course fee

Tattoo Learning Kit :

Tattoo training kit is part of the course fee. Training kit includes all basic stuff a student need to learn tattoo making.

Kit include 2 tattoo machines and needles, inks, oitments, power supply, foot padal, clip cords, artificail skins and some more material student use during course, and student can carry kit home to practuce from home if want. After completion of tattoo trainig course, student can carry the kit for future work. We attempt to provide good tattoo training kit and make sure they are cost effective also.

Students can also get their own tattoo training kit and cost benifit of training kit will be passed to students in tattoo course fee.

Tattoo course fee, tattoo training cost

Sterilized and safe classroom facility :

Our Tattoo Institute has sterilized and lean classroom for students to practice permanent tattoo making.

Students can stay in classroom even during whole working day.

Tattoo Learning cost, cost to learn tattoo making, tattoo artist course fee

Well experienced trainer :

Tattoo training will be provided under guidance of professional tattoo artists. All our trainer are with 5+ year experience in tattoo making.

Total cost of training package is designed considering all of the facilities we provide to studets. And we always aim to keep the trainig fee minimum covering all our expences.

Please visit our tattoo institute to check the latest facilities, courses, fee avialble

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